pendant - Pink Green and Felt

Pink Green Sparkle and Felt Pendant

(CC0090) Swarovski Crystal · beaded · capture weave · Felt Beads

beaded pendant with Swarovski and felt beads

A very playful pendant in the surprisingly complementary colors of Lime Green and Vivid Pink. It is fun. It sparkles and blings. It dangles and moves.

necklace - color me joyful

Color Me Joyful

(CC0089) Swarovski Crystal · Crochet · Stardust Silver · Felted Necklace

handmade crochet necklace with crystals and felted beads

I call this necklace "Color Me Joyful" coz that is what I feel each time I look at it ~ Joyful.

sets - Modern Metallics necklaces earrings

Modern Metallics - sets of Necklaces and Earrings


handmade necklaces and earrings in Modern Metallic Plastics

For bright and vibrancy of colors, there is nothing quite like the Modern Metallics - made from the new technology plastics with superb metallic, high sheen coatings.

earrings - Bugle Dangle collection

Bugle Dangle Earrings collection


handmade dangle earrings with bugle beads

Making this dangle earrings has been a time-filler and a fun exercise while I was trying to beat a most tenacious, pernicious virusy bug.

bracelet - RedBlack Tendrils Peyote

Red Black Peyote Beaded Cuff Bracelet - "Tendrils"


handmade Peyote beaded cuff bracelet Red Black

I have wanted to make one of these beaded cuff bracelets since forever. Since before I knew it could be done. Since before I heard of Peyote or bead-weaving. Since before I knew there were such precision small seed beads.

bracelet - bling of Swarovski + Flowers

The Bling of Swarovski & Flowers - felted, beaded bracelet

Not for sale bracelet :) (CC85)

handmade beaded and felted bracelet

Following on from the "Square Circle of Flowers" felted bracelet and how comfortable that was, I was egged to create another.

bracelet - Square Circle of Flowers

Square Circle of Flowers - felted, beaded bracelet

Most comfortable of bracelets (CC84)

handmade beaded and felted bracelet

This bracelet is amazingly comfortable. It is light and cushiony and really really ideal for cooler weathers. This was an experimental bracelet and has turned out better than expected.

necklace - Birdie Trio

The Birdie Trio - felted, wire crochet necklace

Handmade wire crochet necklace embellished with felted and beaded birdies (CC83)

handmade summertime necklace of birds on wire

This is like a summertime necklace because it makes me think of summertime when the happy birdies are out and singing away in their happy little voices.

necklace - Wedding Flourish

Wedding Bridal Necklace with Fluff, Flourishes, and Nostalgia

Handmade white necklace - beaded embroidery & crochet (CC82)

handmade wedding bridal necklace with Flourishes

This necklace is ideal for the modern bride looking for a touch of modern asymmetry while holding dear the gentle looks and exquisite feel of the vintage nostalgia.

necklace - Madame Pompadour choker

Madame Pompadour - handmade vintage style choker

Award Winner handmade Choker - Perfect Bridal Necklace (CC81)

handmade vintage style Madame Pompadour choker

This is my first win ever in a competition so am very happy with how this has turned out.

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