pendant - Wooded Square

Wooded Spring - Square Pendant - Crystal Flowers with Dangle Leaves

(CC0097) RAW - Right Angle Weave

Wooded Spring - flexible square pendant

A refreshing pendant that offers glimpses of a fresh Spring and swings itself into the joys of the day.

sets - RAW Underwater Garden

RAW Bugles in Underwater Garden - Pendant and Earrings

(CC0096) Right Angle Weave - Miyuki bugles - petite flowers

Underwater Garden jewellery

Open mesh jewellery (earrings and pendant set) that evokes the deep blue magic of the watery liquid mysterious world under the sea.

Wire Weaving - 1st experiment

Wire Weaving

Wire Weaving - first project

My First Wire Weaving experiment

I have been curious and eager to give wire weaving a try for quite a while now. Saw it on YouTube but it looked too hard and fiddly. (What, I need to buy goggles, clamps, etc.

earrings - RAW Bugles in Topaz

RAW Bugles in Topaz - EARRINGS

(CC0095) Right Angle Weave - Swarovski crystals - petite flowers

open mesh structured earrings with RAW and Swarovski

Open mesh earrings with touches of frivolous, petite crystal flowers. Earring finished with .925 Sterling Silver earwires.

pendant - RAW Bugle in Topaz

RAW Bugles in Topaz - PENDANT

(CC0094) Right Angle Weave - Swarovski crystals - petite flowers

pendant in RAW topaz bugles with Swarovski

Open mesh pendant with touches of frivolous, petite crystal flowers and leafy dangles of coloured fruits. Pendant (chain not included) finished with .925 Sterling Silver flower bail and dangle heart.

bracelet - Silken Square RAW


(CC0093) Right Angle Weave - Swarovski crystal and pearls - beaded

silken square Swarovski bracelet

This delicate bracelet, made with Swarovski crystals and pearls, is the gentlest of luxuries. It has a refined air of elegance and it feels like silken fabric.

sets - RAW Petite Fleur

RAW Petite Fleur on Topaz - a jewellery collection

(CC0092) Right Angle Weave - Swarovski crystal and pearls - beaded - pendant - earrings - rings

jewelry collection with petite flowers on RAW beading

A warm and joyous collection of jewelry items ~ inspired by the coming of spring. Features little crystal flowers over beaded RAW base.

Ring Sizes

Ring Size Chart

How to find the right ring size

The correct ring size is important to ensure a perfect fit whether you are shopping for yourself or a present for someone else. You can either use a good-fitting ring or by measuring the finger in question.

bracelet - RAW fluff white bracelet

RAW & fluffy Bridal Bracelet - white silver beaded

(CC0091) Right Angle Weave - beaded - seed beads - mix media

white bridal bracelet - seaded in white and silver

Romantically modern rendition of a bridal bracelet with lots of attitude and feminine softness. Perfect for the modern girl with nostalgic reminisces of gentle feminine touch.

set - Freeform Ocean Treasures

Freeform Netted Ocean Treasures

(Sooty2010) Swarovski Crystals · beaded · freeform netting· Fresh Water Pearls

necklace and earrings in freeform beaded netting with Swarovski crystals and pearls

Necklace and Earrings set.

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