bracelet - Garden of Babylon

From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(CC0114) wire work, handmade bracelet, leafs, flower, garden, crystal, glass

Hanging Gardens of Babylon wirework bracelet

This riot of colors and joy was born from the idea seeded in the Year Of Jewellery (YOJ) challenge; theme: "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon".

bracelet - Frost n Gold

A Touch of Frost n Gold - charm bracelet

(CC0113) bridal, wedding, bracelet, musical charm

Touch of Frost n Gold bridal weddding bracelet

A highly delicious charm bracelet that has the frills, the touch of gold, the musical bells, the gem nuggets, and the sparkly crystals - all grouping together in a charming collective that will instantly make you

Autumn-Winter 2011-12

Swarovski Color Trends: Autumn-Winter 2011-12

Trend: Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct is Swarovski's named trend for Autumn Winter 2011-12

Taking inspiration from the animal kingdom, key trends for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 divide into different schools of thought.

brooch - Sunshine

My Name is Sunshine bird brooch

(CC0112) felting, brooch, birdie, handmade

Birdie Brooch whose name is My Name Is Sunshine

"My Name is Sunshine" does not mean my name is "Sunshine". It means, my name is "My Name Is Sunshine".

necklace - Illusion Geometrics

Modern Shell Geometrics Illusion Necklace

(CC0111) natural shell beads, abstract jewellery, modern bride, Swarovski Elements

Illusion Necklace for Modern Bride

Yay! I have finally created something that even my thoroughly critical DH loves!!

necklace - Monolith Obelisk Pendant

YOJ Monolith Obelisk Pendant Necklace

(CC0110) felted beads, beaded pendant, czech crystals

YOJ Monolith Obelisk Pendant

Fueled by a (YOJ - Year of Jewellery) theme challenge entitled "Monolith", held at Australia's Beading Forum .. I went in search of clarity and definitions and came across a (kind of) synonym: "obelisk".

necklace - Technicolor Dream Cross

Technicolor Dream Cross on Long Charm Chain

(CC0109) felted beads, charms, manual chains, beaded bezel, Swarovski crystals

Technicolor Dream Cross on Charm Chain

Inspired by Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat, this one-off Technicolor Dream Cross is just in time for Christmas in its resplendent sparkle and glory encircling hand made custom felted beads,

Print On Demand - Reviews

Print on Demand (POD) services - Reviews

2 Oct 2010

I have been looking around for a store/site from which designs, drawing, etc. are translated to products like T-shirts, mugs, etc. and can be purchased by consumers. I would like to find an opportunity for my beloved brother. So in my search I came across names like Zazzle, CafePress, Spreadshirt, etc. Below are some links on reviews that i found pretty useful.

I will not have "real" personal feedback for a while.

Autumn-Winter 2011-12

SWAROVSKI Innovations Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Swarovski releases "Innovations" - new articles & colours plus extensions to existing lines twice a year. "Innovations Autumn/Winter 2011/12" is their latest release for the second half of 2010.

earrings - Swirls of Nature

Swirls of Nature earrings

(CC0108) spiral earrings in verdant colors of Nature

Swirls of Nature earrings - verdant and contemporary

"Swirls of Nature" earrings are a celebration of the verdant and fruitfully rich aspects of nature. A celebration of Wealth and Life.

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