Swarovski Color: Greige (284)

New colour released 2010/2011.

Swarovski has called this the "noble" color due to its understated shine and undeniable elegance. It is an intriguing 'barely there' color that makes it so compatible with tonal matchings and color combinations. It brings a refined nobility and elegance to its applications.

Out with Ebay, in with Socexchange

Out with Ebay, in with SocExchange

to rival Ebay (yay!)

I have just come across a bit of news that feels pretty exciting and could prove to be profitable. A new buy and sell site has opened up that hopefully will challenge ebay's undesirable dominance.

(Excerpt from Washington Business Journal, June 2009)

Ebay's 911 Attack on Sellers

Ebay's 911 Attack on Sellers

Feebay attacks again

Ebay is on the move again to make you love to hate it. In an email to all sellers ~ an email that is an insult to our intellect ~ they are announcing that as of 10 September 2009, they are providing "improvements" to their Australian ebay sellers with their "new Stores packages". So really, though they have tried to avoid the exact date, it is a 11 September attack where ebay has taken the leading role of being Osama bin Ladin.

Ebay Ashamed of their Feedback Rating?

What is Ebay's Feedback Rating Anyway?

Almost every, if not all, auction/marketpool selling venue on the internet has some feedback mechanism. Usually it is a two-way street - i.e. sellers about buyers, buyers about sellers. The big exception that I know of is ebay (but of course) who in recent years decided in their "infinite wisdom" that sellers did not have the right to leave feedback about their buyers. All very well and good since eBay holds the ball and whip.

Cliff Brunton Auction

Cliff Brunton Auctions

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the last auction offered up by Cliff Brunton in Sydney, Australia and it was very instructional in more ways than I expected.

Ebay Customer Support - A Joke

eBay Customer Service - A Joke

Just in recent times, I have had another head-on encounter with ebay. Needless to say, I don't have to declare who the winner was as I sit here in my lonely loser corner.

ebay took down a number of my listings saying that the Titles I choose were infringing their policies, in particular, "keyword spamming".

Artists Gallery

Artist Jewelry Gallery

Clearly Chosen Artist Jewelry Gallery

In our Artist Gallery, we are proud and happy to provide a venue for our customers to showcase their work.

Advantages to our Customers

This Free showcase offers them yet another venue to tell the world about their glorious creations and to let more enthusiastic people learn, enjoy, share, and be inspired by their genius and innovativeness.

This will also help their site popularity with Google and other search engines.

If you too would like a Free space to showcase your work too, please let us know. We only have a few specifications ..

Swarovski 5328 XILLION replaces 5301 Bicone

Swarovski 5328 XILLION replaces 5301 Bicone

Goodbye 5301, Hello 5328

At the end of March 2009, Swarovski International sent an announcement to all its worldwide agents and distributors that the incredibly popular 5301 bicone crystal bead is to be put out to the pasture and will replaced by the new member of its XILLION family: the 5328 XILLION bead.

Twilight Meanings

Meaning of Twilight Charms

A brief meaning on some of the Twilight related charms. You can also Create Your Own Twilight Jewelry - a simple and fun DIY interface.
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Apple charm

Pandora apple charm beadThomas Sabo Apple charm
Twilight book

The apple features prominently on the front cover of the first book in the series, entitled "Twilight". As stated by the author, Stephenie Meyer, the apple is the forbidden fruit which represents the forbidden nature of the love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. This love, that seems so contrary to nature, is also examplified in the "Lion and Lamb" symbols where Edward Cullen is represented by the Lion and Bella Swan by the Lamb.

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